Songs that Boost Your Confidence

Everyone knows that music is therapeutic and can change your mood almost instantly. On days when you need a confidence boost or just want to stay on a high, I strongly suggest taking some time to create a playlist that’ll catapult you into Kanye mode. We all have those songs we keep on repeat to get us going. Here are some of the songs that you can always catch me choreographing at a stoplight:

  1. Try this one when you feel like your own best friend

2. When you’re happy to be you

3. You are in control

4. You’re “awwsome”

5.’Cause believing in yourself is cool

6. Stick to your guns

7. Self-confidence is a blessing

8. The sky is the limit

9. Watch out world

10. Be happy no matter what

11. Make it yours!

12. Self-love is shameless

13. I wake up FLAWLESS

14.  “Baby, you da shid”

This obviously isn’t my entire list.  I normally try to create about 6 hours of feel good music from all genres, musical eras, mainstream/indie, corny/cliche, etc. The only thing that matters is that I feel invincible.  What songs give you a boost? I need suggestions!

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